Arath: The World of Tyris

A D&D 3.5 campaign

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Session One - July 31. 2006

It is a period of unrest in the Pontus Lands. Rumors persist of an imminent war between the Nordian Hordes and the Tyrisian Legions. Peace-loving folk in the Pontus Lands are leaving their homes while they are still able, fearing being caught in the middle of a fierce conflict. On a barge, crossing the Pontus, a party of adventurers meet. Among them are Grun Mirbreaker Dwarven Fighter, Ianos the Half-Orc fighter, Jaden Sepharim the Half-Elf Bard, and Aprilis the Elvish Sorceress. Their reasons for heading North vary, but in an uncertain time, they appreciate the companionship and potential camaraderie, for who knows what lies ahead?

Arriving in Oriab, the party seeks food and shelter for the night before continuing their journey. At the port, they meet Flateel, a Priest of Thor who gives a blessing, and provides relief to a sea-weary Grun. In Oriab, they find a meal at Galad's Fire, a local inn that seems to be a hub of local activity. Rumour has it that Nordian Warhosts have been making patrols in the area, and Jaden decides to test the waters, so to speak, and starts asking questions - drawing attention amongst those not entirely friendly to the Nordian cause. After exchanging words with a burly fighter, Jaden wisely decides to cease this line of enquiry.

Shortly thereafter, Petronas, a strange looking, older man approaches Aprilis and states that he personally saw the Stormhost riding through Moesia less than one month ago. Among the random pieces of information gleaned from Petronas is a warning to avoid the Gulga Wood at all costs. Following up on an instinct, Aprilis secretly watches Petronas as he leaves Galad's Fire. His unusual behaviour leads her to think that he is little more than a crazy old man. Still, there is something about his warnings that sticks with her...

The party decides that an excellent way to start their adventure together would be to work their way North as caravan guards, seeking adventure along the way. With no rooms available this night in Oriab, they seek shelter at a local farmstead and find a welcome host in Teres and his wife Harma. After an uneventful night and a wonderful home-cooked meal, they enjoy a leisurely walk back into Oriab where the 7am caravan for Edessa is preparing to set out.